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The Ministry of Transliminality (MITRA)

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

The Ministry of Transliminality (MITRA) is an organization dedicated to the study and conservation of the Anthropian Library, whose ultimate goal is to find the Artifex (the Mind of God), which they believe lies inside it.

MITRA also doubles as a school to prepare its future generations of agents, and every year will select a few promising youths and children and invite them to study with their specialists. Receiving this invitation is considered a high honor in Tritian society.


The High Archon Ad-faa-yr founded MITRA after publishing the General Theory of Transliminality, a new theory of arcane magic that opened the way for arcanists to manipulate the fabric of magic with a fluidity never seen before. The Transliminal Equations that derive from this theory are closely guarded secrets that only trusted citizens of Urbes Tritios can wield.

Excursions into the Anthropian Library

The conservation of the wealth of knowledge inside the library is a colossal task.

Since the Anthropian Library is quickly dilapidating, the Ministry has decided to extract all the knowledge inside before it is forever lost.

The only way to extract information from the library is via the expeditions launched when a Transliminal Anchor is stabilized and used as a link to the library; so finding and stabilizing Transliminal Anchors are two of MITRA’s prime directives.

Every time the opportunity presents itself, and MITRA successfully stabilizes a Trasliminal Anchor, they organize an expedition into the Anthropian Library, where all institutions in Urbes Tritios can participate in one way or another.

Special MITRA agents


Anakrits operate outside the city and specialize in locating and transporting Transliminal Anchors to MITRA’s headquarters.


Akidorats function as scouts of the expeditions into the Anthropian Library. Their job is to trailblaze a path towards where they speculate (through divination magic) that the most illustrious tomes are.


Afrokremas are in charge of judging if a book is worthy of retrieving and protecting the selected tomes and the Akidorats from the mysterious monsters inside the library.


Hermeneuts or interpreters, as they are commonly known, are MITRA agents who decipher and transcribe the Anthropian Library’s books. Each book has a unique cipher.

Edited by: Anif-Esoj

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