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An immersive 5E compatible resource book. It is an Encyclopedia that talks about the elemental and outer planes of existence. It focuses on its denizens (the creatures) but also covers other topics related to the planes

What is Remarkable Creatures of the Planes?


Remarkable Creatures of the Planes is an immersive fantasy creatures encyclopedia written from the perspective of characters that inhabit the universe where these creatures exist.


The idea for the project was inspired by Jorge Luis Borges and Margarita Guerrero's "El Libro de los Seres Imaginarios" (The Book of Imaginary Beings). The Neuron Games team wanted to create a series of tomes that would capture the spirit of Borges and Guerrero's book and could also be incorporated into roleplaying games campaigns; something of the likes of the articles in "The Ecology of…" and "Lords of Madness: The Book of Aberrations." 

Each article in the book talks about the anatomy of a creature, or a group of related ones' in-world origins, history, society, culture, ways to find or track them, the danger they pose, their abilities, combat tactics, and ways to counter them (not mechanically, but narratively); making this product one Game Masters and players can enjoy and use alike. Game Masters can derive world-building and adventure-writing inspiration from the extensive lore provided for each creature in the books, and players can read and use the information in them as if it was their characters who were reading the series.

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