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On the forthcoming extinction of the Aarakocra

Updated: Sep 1, 2022


In its seventh chapter (the only chapter that MITRA's Hermeneuts have been able to decode) the Oculus ad Abyssum (Eyes to the Abyss),- a book found during the second expedition

into the Anthropian Library which foretold the fall of the Aarakocra and their patron deity Syranita- recounts the story of the last days of the Dawn War, where the forces of law led by the Wind Dukes of Aaqa defeated the demon armies of the Queen of Chaos run by the conclave of Obyrith demon lords known as "The Abyss Weavers."

The Ministry believes the current crisis of the avian species is directly caused by The Abyss Weavers.


Chapter 07. An oath of vengeance.

After the tremendous defeat of Mishka the Wolf Spider and its subsequent imprisonment by the Rod of Law, the demon armies became fragmented. Leaderless, the chaotic cohorts turned on each other; every demon was eager to emerge as the new general of the demonic armies of the Queen of Chaos.

The Wind Dukes of Aaqa anticipated their enemy's reaction; their plan had worked. They promptly ordered a full-scale assault on the remaining positions of their demonic foes. The armies of Aaqa fought bravely and managed to drive their enemies back to the Abyss. They struck so quickly that most demonic legions had yet to regroup in their home layers when their enemies broke into the Abyss.

The ultimate objective of the forces of the Wind Dukes of Aaqa was to destroy an ancient conclave of Obyrith demon lords called "The Abyss Weavers," which were responsible for running the vast logistical network of the Queen of Chaos' armies.

The destruction of The Abyss Weavers would cement the collapse of the demon armies because it was the last thread keeping the now leaderless troops united. But finding the conclave was a monumental task in itself, for the Abyss has an infinite number of layers, and the conclave had kept the location of their home a closely guarded secret; only an insider would know how to locate them.

The chaotic nature of demons, once thought of as their primary strength became their undoing. In the chaos of a losing war, the Obyrith began to lose control of a demon race they had subjugated long ago, the Tanari.

In an unexpected turn of events, and to further complicate matters for the now-leaderless fiends, the Tanari, long relegated denizens of the Abyss, saw an opportunity in the weakened state of their oppressors and rebelled against the Obyrith race. Their rage was legendary; they killed as many Obyrith as the forces of the Wind Dukes of Aaqa. Yet, the Tanari were not satiated; they yearned for the total annihilation of their former masters, so they found and revealed the secret location of the lair of the Abyss Weavers to the forces of Aaqa.

With the secret location of the conclave in hand, the forces of Aaqa prepared for the final assault. The task of leading this last attack was given to General Algulavir, an Aarakocra paladin and commander of the 10th legion of the royal Abyss Walkers of the Wind Dukes of Aaqa.

The final confrontation was near. But The Abyss Weavers knew they were not powerful enough to defeat Algulavir, so they focused their attention on an escape plan. Using the entirety of their layer as a magical funnel, they planned to divert the energies of the Abyss to fuel a portal into a pocket dimension of their creation.

Bowing revenge against the forces of law, they cursed the traitorous Tanari and poured their anger and frustration into liquid form to catalyze the arcane reaction that would activate the ritual, but the energies of raw chaos are challenging to control, even for those spawned from them. The conclave was banished from existence, as was intended, but they could not return. Instead of an escape hatch to another dimension, the conclave built a prison inside the Abyss.

When Algulavir and his legion, the "Abyss Walkers," marched into the inner sanctum of the Abyss Weavers, they found only a round, very heavy, tiny black stone made of perfect obsidian, which the general kept.

Unbeknownst to the great general, this object, the obsidian orb key of the conclave -the coagulated hate and rage of the demon lords taken shape- was the only thing capable of bringing back the now-imprisoned Obyrith.

Neither the general nor the Wind Dukes of Aaqa ever knew the exact fate of the conclave of demons. Even the powerful divination magic wielded by the forces of Aaqa was incapable of piercing the turbulent flow of time and causality in the utter chaos of the Abyss.

All they knew was that their enemies had vanished, abandoning the Queen of Chaos and her armies to the mercy of the rebellious Tanari.

Soon after, Algulavir and his Abyss Walkers returned to the Elemental Plane of Air, and the obsidian orb key became an heirloom of the braveness of the Aarakocra; passed down from general to general as a symbol of good luck and remembrance for the victories of the legendary Abyss Walkers.

No one ever considered the little sphere a source of danger for the mighty forces of law; no one ever learned its true nature. And so the Aarakocra went to and fro, unaware they were being observed and studied, for the conclave still had power over the sphere and its surrounding space, and their unsympathetic minds enviously regarded the prosperity of their enemies. Slowly but surely, their vast and cool intellects began to plot their return and the ruin of the forces of law.

The return of The Abyss Weavers shall be marked by the ruin of the Aarakocra, faithful servants of the Dukes of Aaqa, followed by that of the Wind Dukes themselves. That was the vow of vengeance they swore as their rapture came.


Further research has been unsuccessful in discovering more details about the current whereabouts of the demon conclave or their obsidian orb key.

Edited by: Anif-Esoj

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