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The Cryptognostic Society (CS)

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

The Cryptognostic Society is an organization dedicated to recollecting all knowledge that exists. Inspired by the creation of the ancient Anthropian Library, the Society believes that it, too, is capable of replicating such a feat. They believe the former builders of the library used it to attain godhood and ascend to a superior state of existence and that by recreating the Anthropian Library, they will be able to forge their version of the Mind of God, which they call the “Yliaster” or “Prima Materia.”

Members of this organization scour the planes of existence to find, catalog and decipher any piece of information not yet in their possession.

Every new piece of knowledge that the CS gets is cataloged and then placed in one of their many huge library complexes within the city of Urbes Tritios, popularly called “The Serpent Vaults.” Each vault is dedicated to a particular category of items; grimoires, weapons, armor, tools, etc.

Special CS members


Heresiarchs are agents dedicated to containing and retrieving worthy artifacts or fragments of knowledge found by the CS from every corner of the multiverse.


Syphogrants are responsible for verifying knowledge, creating protocols to contain dangerous objects, and cataloging both. They also conduct extensive research and experimentation within the vaults to better contain or neutralize the dangerous objects in the CS’s possession.

Edited by: Anif-Esoj

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