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Urbes Tritios, the cimmerian city left adrift

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Urbes Tritios is the only surviving human settlement in the Astral Sea; with the city’s origins as mysterious as its native plane- remaining unknown even to its inhabitants- the Cimmerian City stands proudly insular.

Urbes Tritios has been shaped by the thriving arcane arts cultivated by its citizens, from xylographs to polarized metals and the arts of the Tonal Arboretum retum to the beauty of its Arcanochiral Crystals. However, the thing that has defined the city’s history the most, the greatest achievement of the Tritians, and the reason their city has survived the Astral Sea’s turbulent nature for centuries, is the discovery of the Anthropian Library. This discovery is perhaps the most important in the history of the Astral Plane.

The Anthropian Library

In this mystic library, a colossal, dilapidated labyrinth of corridors and rooms roved by unknown assailants, coded in great tomes indecipherable to the layperson’s eye, lies all knowledge.

Though not much is known about the library (with its physical location, creator, and purpose still unknown), it is speculated that a great cataclysm of unknown origin precipitated the library into its current state of disrepair.

The Mind of God

Tritians believe that one can access, in one way or another, an “index” of the knowledge inside the library. They have come to denominate this “concept” that gives order and harmony to all knowledge as the “Mind of God.”

Edited by: Anif-Esoj


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