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Memorious Ink

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Memorious Ink is an independent editorial and publishing company that collaborates with the Ministry, the Society, and Urbes Tritios’ government to create and disseminate knowledge to all Tritians.

The company was founded by Anif-Esoj and Rakzo Gibran, two MITRA-trained wizards who have worked for the Ministry and participated in one of the seven expeditions to the Anthropian Library.

The subjects of the books published by this company are vast and varied, from journals of other remarkable citizens of the city and anthologies of cartographic societies to historical records of events in this and many different planes and the conflicts between the gods and demons who roam the outer planes.

Memorious Ink’s books make niche knowledge accessible to the layperson and, for that reason, have enjoyed tremendous popularity with the general public. It is speculated that by the year 462 AAL, the company will grow to the level of major publishing houses like Interdimensional Geographic and Warlocks of the Coast.

The company’s headquarters are located in the library district, and the lower part of the building serves as a library that houses all titles published by the company.

Edited by: Anif-Esoj


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