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Elemental Plane of Fire: Our tools and methods

written as a public briefing by the Cryptognostic Society

Wax Seal of the Cryptognostic Society
Wax Seal of the Cryptognostic Society

In recent times, the Executive Tribunal has cooperated with members of the Society and the publishing house Memorious Ink to make public a series of articles and essays detailing new findings around the current academic sensation: the Elemental Plane of Fire. As a result, a vast corpus of readers in Urbes Tritios has become much more interested in the elementals and their home. For example, many have inquired about the various devices and methods we use in order to do research in one of the most hostile environments conceivable for humans. This briefing aims to answer these questions as accurately as possible.

Before delving into detail, however, a word of caution. The Society does NOT endorse or encourage anyone going into the Elemental Plane of Fire due to obvious topographic hazards and indigenous hostile creatures. Members of the Executive Tribunal, the Ministry of Transliminality, and our select organization each count with several experts on the field of protective spells and enchantments, which makes them capable of going into the plane in order to do research. In other words, we invoke the common sense and good judgment of adventurers and scholars to not delve into a land composed of fire seas and molten metal without proper safety precautions, such as the following.

Minimal necessary equipment to explore the Elemental Plane of Fire

  • One set of fire resistant clothes, comprising of:

    • One pair of leather boots treated with sodium borate.

    • One pair of white cotton breeches treated with sodium borate.

    • One closed, full body white cotton cloak treated with sodium borate.

    • One pair of white cotton gloves treated with sodium borate.

    • One white clay mask treated with sodium borate.

Note: It was Hermeneut Lussac who discovered the fire retardant properties of sodium borate a few decades ago. Since then, the methods to chemically and magically treat fabric and materials with sodium borate have only improved to make them cheaper and faster, turning this equipment into the most accessible option for explorers.

The fire resistant gear can be purchased directly from the Society and the Executive Tribunal. Such gear is not subject to any restrictions. In fact, the Executive Tribunal has a small social program that partially subsidizes the cost of these suits for the city’s inhabitants in an effort to protect as many people as possible from the damages of fires within the city.

If you wish to become part of this program, present yourself and your family with a Tritian property certificate at any of the Executive Tribunal’s official requisition offices.

Minimal necessary enchantments to explore the Elemental Plane of Fire

  • Protection against foreign substances (airborne)

  • Protection against open flames

  • Protection against high temperatures

  • Ability enhancers (mainly those improving a person’s stamina and dexterity)

  • Cognitive augmentations (mainly involving visual perception)

Note: Since listing the complete list of possible spells and incantations would take far longer than necessary, consider this list a general guideline of indispensable arcane protection every single person should be able to either apply on himself or apply on their group, if the caster has the ability to do so.

Minimal necessary precautions to explore the Elemental Plane of Fire

  • Be RESPECTFUL of the culture and of the inhabitants.

  • Do NOT rush into unknown terrain. Plan every step you take whilst on the molten fields.

  • RESEARCH beforehand the place you’re planning on exploring.

  • Always travel in a GROUP with people you can trust if possible.

  • Do not leave any organic or inorganic material behind. These can DESTROY an ecosystem!

Note: Within the Society every agent is trained to chase after new knowledge wherever it may be, but we’re also trained to be respectful of any environment, culture, or resources we find across the multiverse. A good rule of thumb to know if you should know something is to ask yourself: “Would I like a traveler to do what I’m about to do in Urbes Tritios?” If the answer is no, then you can act with better judgment while on the Elemental Plane of Fire or any other place you might be exploring.

Average looks of a well-equipped explorer
Average looks of a well-equipped explorer


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