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Elemental Plane of Fire: Guidelines for extraplanar research

written as a public access briefing by the Executive Tribunal

Wax Seal of the Executive Tribunal
Wax Seal of the Executive Tribunal

The Executive Tribunal, as House of Justice and Conciliation, has deemed necessary to take a public stance on the matter of protecting foreign land and wildlife. This resulted from the recent surge of interest on the Elemental Plane of Air and the Elemental Plane of Fire from academic and cultural institutions, which we have supported fully. However, what the Tribunal does not support is any kind of abuse or unnecessary violence towards residents of other planes, as well as the appropriation of or damage to cultural, technological, or endangered property from foreign planes of existence. In this short briefing, we will try to postulate a few basic but crucial ethical guidelines that will aid researchers on their task of expanding the Tritian knowledge about the world beyond the Astral Sea.

Regarding the environment

The Executive Tribunal understands and appreciates all the researchers’ and adventurers’ efforts in bringing valuable knowledge and materials from the Elemental Planes. However, activities resulting in damage, irreparable or otherwise, to an ecosystem, civic infrastructure, construction, or any other public or private cultural, political, or natural entity within a foreign plane is deemed unacceptable and will be sanctioned according to a just ruling by this House of Law.

Any activity which may require a researcher to contradict the previously stated may only be permitted to do so under the express consent of that plane’s local authority, whichever form it may have. However, if this cannot be done by a justifiable reason, a researcher or group thereof only then may hold a conference with an Executive Tribunal official such the Archon of Foreign Relations or whoever else the solicitant party may deem appropriate within reason.

Regarding life and dignity

Although we understand and accept that self preservation is paramount to any other priority in a situation of danger, the Executive Tribunal will only deem as reasonable the hurting, maiming, or killing of a foreign creature under the following circumstances:

  • Justifiable, provable self defense, either of an individual or of a group.

  • Scientific or arcane sample recollection, allowed and supervised by that plane’s local authority.

  • Humane killing when a creature has been harmed by external causes and no authorities from that plane can interfere.

  • When regarded as acceptable for a certain culture to allow Tritian citizens to participate in cultural events like rituals, feasts, hunts, or other forms of celebration.

For these circumstances to be regarded as valid, an Agent of the Tribunal must review the case and the evidence so he or she can make an informed decision. Any scenario not considered within these reasons previously stated will be reviewed by an Adjudicator as soon as possible. Cases found to be non-compliant with the Tribunal’s postulates will be sanctioned according to a just ruling of this House of Law.

A final comment regarding ethics in the Elemental Plane of Fire

Although some cultures deem it perfectly acceptable to hunt for sport or antagonize certain species of magical creatures (some of which have been proven to possess intelligence comparable to a human), Urbes Tritios steps away from barbaric practices in the pursuit of science, academia, and society. When visiting other planes, all Tritians should represent these values by respecting life, the land, the cultures, and every aspect of those worlds in which we are guests.


Any line of questioning of a topic not treated in this briefing should be directed to the Executive Tribunal’s Public Information Department. This briefing is NOT to be taken as a legislative guideline, but as a public interest article. Additional information regarding Foreign Relations, as well as proper definitions on any of the terms used in this briefing such as “Damage”, “Culture”, “Nature”, “Justifiable”, or their derivatives, can be read in the Tribunal’s public access legislative records.

Signature of Jamileh Ashoori, Magistrate of Justice, as found on the original document
Signature of Jamileh Ashoori, Magistrate of Justice, as found on the original document


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