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The Serpent Vaults

The Vaults of the Cryptognostic Society.

The vaults of the Cryptognostic Society have remained a tightly guarded secret for decades.

This elusive society has tasked its members to scour all material planes in search for dangerous artifacts that could cause chaos and misery if misused.

Once one of these artifacts has been detected, agents are dispatched to recover and store them safely within the Serpent Vaults.

These impregnable fortresses house a myriad artifacts shielded from prying eyes and evil intents.

Some members of the Society, the Syphogrants, are tasked with cataloguing and experimenting with the artifacts. Their goal is to better understand how to contain or neutralize them.

Memorious Ink proudly presents the first annotated version of one of these catalogues.

The following list was compiled by a High Syphogrant of the Society (who will remain anonymous) from Site 42, one of the largest containment sites within the Serpent Vaults.

The catalogue currently analyzes only items with the “Weapon” categorization.

However, should sufficient funding be acquired, the catalogue will be expanded to contain additional categorizations.

This volume will contain:

  • A brief history of the Cryptognostic Society, so readers can familiarize with this secretive cabal.

  • A list of 11 artifacts (all of them weapons). Each artifact will contain:

  • A brief history (including the location where it was found).

  • A retrieval quest.

  • A description of its magical properties.

  • Its current containment protocol

  • Its Fluxions (upgrades to further customize the weapon).

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