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Neuron Games would be best described as a two-man team that strives to create the tabletop games of their dreams. 

Growing up, Óscar Anchondo and Daniel Riquelme always showed an interest in storytelling and tabletop games, so naturally, when they eventually discovered roleplaying tabletop games, playing those quickly became their new favorite hobby. 

Through the years, the two friends explored the entire scope of roleplaying tabletop games and found that something was missing from every game they played. Sure, they always had a great time playing their favorite games, but there was always a rule that didn't make complete sense, a mechanic that made a faction too powerful, a mechanic that made combat drag for too long, etc. This dissatisfaction encouraged Óscar and Daniel to create their own game, one that would cater to each player's style, one that could, let's say, connect the player's brain to the game, and so Neuron Games was born.

Our Products

Enter a world of fantasy and adventure with our tabletop games and interactive books.


A fantasy creature encyclopedia written from the perspective of characters that inhabit the universe where these creatures exist. This volume will take you on a journey to the Elemental Plane of Fire and the Remarkable creatures who call this inhospitable place, home.

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An immersive encyclopedia describing in detail everything there is to know about the Red Wizards of Thay. One of the most powerful Magocracies in Faerun.


An immersive campaign setting for the land of Thay during the ruling of the lich king Szass Tam, written from the perspective of characters within the universe. Fully compatible with the Fifth edition of the most popular roleplaying game.

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An immersive fantasy creature encyclopedia that will take you on a journey to the Elemental Plane of Air and the Remarkable Creatures that inhabit it.


Dungeons & Dragons Series: Tips and Strategies

D&D tips in bite-sized videos!

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